Our History - expertise and ethics 

SFR Advisory that has been providing quality financial advice in Perth for over 20 years mainly through its financial planning arm Self-funded Retirement Planners Pty Ltd (SFR Planners). SFR Advisory Group has taken over ten years to expand the scope of advice to include other disciplines such as tax advice, property services, estate planning, aged care, debt advice and business services. The aim is to provide comprehensive trustworthy and affordable financial services to a broader community not just the financially rich.

Our Future - a new approach to financial advice 

Our way of doing things is strongly driven by a sense of caring for people. We want to contribute something positive with the skills we have developed over decades. We want our legacy to be about giving great advice to as many people as possible needing and of course wanting our services. We offer financial advice to people of all financial situations. As such, there is no minimum amount of money you need to engage SFR services. Regardless of your current financial position, we believe we can help.

Our Motivation - Why do we do it this way?

We have been in this business for over 20 years. In that time, we have helped countless clients amass and retain their wealth for themselves and their families, but one thing has remained very apparent: life is very good at serving curved balls or full of snakes and ladders as some say! Too many advisers focus advice (usually product advice) for a distant time in the future that may not be there as the spreadsheet indicates. Because of this, we have seen a better way to do things. Rather than sacrificing today’s concerns for a future that may not arrive, it is better to strategise your finances, no organise your finances around what will make you comfortable TODAY. SO, BE IN THE PRESENT and guess what? Tomorrow will look much better too.
If you simply wish to accrue as much wealth as possible, no matter the personal cost, then there are ways to achieve this, but in our long and varied experience, we have seldom seen this desire bring lasting happiness to our clients. Some millionaires are utterly miserable, while some people on welfare benefits are far more content. Money is almost never the primary factor to happiness. So how do you make enough money to maximise your joy?

Our Philosophy - how much wealth is enough?

If you are setting out to improve your financial situation, what should you aim for? How much money is enough? One simple answer is to aim for a place where money is no longer a source of stress in your life. Having no money, or struggling to make ends meet, can make life very hard. For many people, money is something they worry about a lot. To get past this point to where you are not consciously worrying about money is the best spot to be in. Where money is no longer a source of anxiety or dread. This is usually a place where your living expenses are covered and you can start saving money for fun things, such as even modest holidays for yourself or your family. The things that bring a certain comfort (rapture is always fleeting), and make your life happier through, organisation, control, and understanding of your financial position today! Society wants us to believe that only a lot of money and rapture are the goals we should pursue, which of course is absolutely rubbish! No wonder our children are so dismayed.

But what do we do to get you financially secure now and in the future? Well, that is where most of our over 20-year experience lies. That is traditionally what financial advisors say they do. SFR Advisory are different, because of the scope of our advice and the fact we sincerely care about our clients (not just flogging product). We provide advice that is reliable, responsible and can in capture the many complexities of your financial well-being due to our extensive multidisciplinary scope of advice model. 

We believe we can really help you on your way to a comfortable financial position NOW and into the future. Which in our experience won’t just be about money.


SFR Advisory offers financial advice across the full spectrum of disciplines:


  • “Thank you for all the work you did in winding up our Self Managed Super Fund for us.”
    Alan and Diana G (Retired Public Servant – WA)
  • “We have been dealing with SFR ever since we had a super and we have dealt with Dean from the beginning. Our fund has done well, thanks in no small part to Dean’s contribution. We have now gotten them to keep all our books. Above all, we have now become friends and have mutual trust. We will certainly recommend his company.”
    David G (Retired)

  • “We have been clients of SFR Advisory since 2009 and our only regret with this association is that it didn’t begin a lot earlier.
    Our SFR advisor was instrumental in straightening out the disastrous mess caused by our previous advisors. His work was tireless, meticulous and methodical in his endeavour to realign our portfolio. In the ensuing years his results speak for themselves, above average service and results.
    We have no hesitation in recommending our SFR advisor to anyone who is fortunate enough to have him pass their way.”
    Peter & Trish (Real Estate Agent – WA)
  • I would highly recommend SFR Advisory. SFR Advisory have gone above and beyond in providing me with a financial structure, advice and support. They are highly responsive and always act with integrity – which are the two attributes that are important to me when choosing someone to advise me on my confidential financial affairs. Their service also presents great value for money. Garth’s innovative and lateral thinking puts him in another class from previous advisors I have used. I personally feel secure knowing SFR are in my corner and helping me manage my affairs so I can concentrate on other things.
    Adam P
    Young Executive – NSW
  • Garth Lovelace, who is our adviser at SFR Advisory, has been advising us on our super fund since 2001. This he has done so effectively that, although we have regularly been drawing pensions for 13 years and regardless of the GFC, the balance of our portfolio is currently some 55% greater than at its inception. In addition to his financial acumen, we have also been grateful beneficiaries of much wise counsel regarding lifestyle and family issues, where he is able to draw on the experiences of his many other clients to provide advice grounded in reality.
    SFR Advisory is a top-class organisation able on your behalf to deal expertly with all the administrative burdens of a Self Managed Super Fund. Without it, our lives now would be very different.
    John & Jan H
    Retired doctor (John) – WA
  • SFR Property Professionals have been managing my Perth apartment since 2012. Our experience with them has been positive. The team is very professional and efficient and any enquiries and problems have been promptly answered and addressed by their representatives.
    SFR Property Professionals have also kept me updated and informed about the current trends in the property market in Perth.
    I am pleased with their services and highly recommend them.
    Nicholas C
  • Moving to SFR before retirement was a very important step for me and my wife to take. We were placing our trust in a new organisation and in a new way of managing our accumulated assets. That was several years ago and now we are retired and very pleased that we made the change to a self-managed superannuation fund using the administrative and investment advisory services of SFR.
    We have always been pleased with the sincerity and dedication that SFR’ has provided. When we were working overseas as volunteers for two years we felt confident that SFR was looking after our affairs in our absence.
    SFR itself has continued to develop as an organisation. We are very pleased with the integrated 'one stop shop' service that is now offered. It means that our fund administration, tax, estate planning and investment advice is all under one roof which is far better than dealing with separate service providers.
    Finally we are happy with the fee structure because we know exactly how much the service is costing us and there are no hidden commissions.
    We both highly recommend SFR.
    Peter and Jo C
    Retired Oil & Gas Executive (Peter) – WA
  • SFR Advisory has been great about handling our personal taxes. They have always acted professional, courteous and respectful in every manner. When we decided not to continue our property management with SFR Property Professionals, the staff there were still very polite and helpful unlike other companies whereby they would just disregard us and treat us with disrespect. SFR has also been helpful when explaining all the taxation rulings and made everything easier for us. We would highly recommend SFR Advisory for others.
    Sulily D
    Self Employed – WA
  • Self-managed super is not a headache for my family and me thanks to SFR – we have enjoyed many years of peace of mind and hassle free investing. We derive enormous comfort from the calming advice we get from our SFR Adviser who is always available and responds to our needs swiftly. All our wealth is managed through SFR and we are very glad that it is

    Michael C
    Barrister - WA