We always appreciate when clients take the time to recount a positive experience with us. Here are examples from satisfied SFR Advisory clients:

Alan and Diana G   (Retired Public Servant – WA)

“Thank you for all the work you did in winding up our Self Managed Super Fund for us.”

David G   (Retired)

“We have been dealing with SFR ever since we had a super and we have dealt with Dean from the beginning. Our fund has done well, thanks in no small part to Dean’s contribution. We have now gotten them to keep all our books. Above all, we have now become friends and have mutual trust. We will certainly recommend his company.”

Adam   (Young Executive – NSW)

“I would highly recommend SFR Advisory. SFR Advisory have gone above and beyond in providing me with a financial structure, advice and support. They are highly responsive and always act with integrity – which are the two attributes that are important to me when choosing someone to advise me on my confidential financial affairs. Their service also presents great value for money. Garth’s innovative and lateral thinking puts him in another class from previous advisors I have used. I personally feel secure knowing SFR are in my corner and helping me manage my affairs so I can concentrate on other things. Please feel free to contact me personally for a more detailed referral.”

Marian   (Business Owner – WA)

“We were first introduced to the good people at SFR Advisory some years ago, by a friend who had been advised by SFR Advisory for some time. He had glowing recommendations to make, which we followed up. Having met and dealt with the team at SFR Advisory we have no problem In appreciating just what our good friend was advising us. We have been dealing with the group now for some years and have always felt that our concerns mattered to them. We have come to regard the members as friends and are assured of a quick and helpful response to any questions which we may have.”

John*   (Lawyer – WA)   

“Self-managed super is not a headache for my family and me thanks to SFR Advisory – we have enjoyed many years of peace of mind and hassle free investing. We derive enormous comfort from the calming advice we get from our SFR advisor who is always available and responds to our needs swiftly. All our wealth is managed through SFR Advisory and we are very glad that it is.”

Sarah   (Property Investor – WA)       

“I was very happy with the service and advice given to me by Jason. Jason made the whole process much easier to deal with and was very helpful at every stage. I would highly recommend Jason, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again in the future.” (SFR Solutions)

Reg and Joy   (Retired – WA)       

“Some twenty odd years ago when my wife and I retired, we found Garth Lovelace who was beginning to specialise in financial planning for people like us, and we sought his advice on the best disposition of our superannuation funds, insurance policies and other moneys and assets to best secure our future. Over the years his organisation has grown and exhibits an ethos of professionalism, courtesy and warmth towards its clients that reflects that of its principal. In all of that time the advice we have received has kept us safe and free from anxiety.”

Vanessa   (Retired Medical Practitioner – WA)  

“Many thanks to Garth, Gaby and others for their unfailingly friendly assistance. I feel safe at SFR Advisory.”

Gary and Izabela   (Property Investor – WA)       

“Thank you very much, and thanks for the efforts from you and your team, it really made the process run a lot faster and smoother for sure.” (SFR Solutions)


“When seeking information about what constitutes the best financial advice you can get there is always a tick list of the most important items. My opinion is the absolute number one priority is that your advisor MUST be independent. In all our dealings with SFR Planners we have found this to be completely true, which gives us great confidence in the advice we receive from SFR Planners.”

Mal   (Retired Transport Manager/Bookmaker – WA)      

“I have been a client of SFR Planners since they were formed in 1994. Prior to that I was a client of a company called Terrace Counsellors from 1992 and my advisor was Mr Garth Lovelace the now managing director of SFR Planners.  Garth Lovelace advised me that he was about to start his own company and as my prior adviser before I met Garth had retired I was happy to become a client of SFR Planners. What attracted me to SFR Planners was that Garth had with him other SFR advisors and others and all were ethical and understanding people. The following is why this company is to be admired:

  1. They are not affiliated with any public company and that means that do not direct investments to companies where there could be double commissions.
  2. There is no churning of investments.
  3. Meetings with your advisor are included in yearly payments so no extra charges.
  4. Other services can be accessed (i.e. Taxation Returns, Property Advice etc. on request).

The understanding and friendly advice of clients personal problems have helped many including myself. I strongly recommend this company.”

Lee   (Property Investor – WA)       

“Good job Jason, enjoyed the detailed and prompt responsiveness from you. You gained quickly a good understanding of my circumstances and objectives.” (SFR Solutions)

Brian and Roseanne   (Minister – WA)      

“Thanks for your helpful advice over the years, particularly in 2011.”

Mike   (Entrepreneur – USA)       

“Daniel, we’ve all been pretty impressed by the care and diligence you applied – especially as my financial situation is quite complex!” (SFR Solutions)

Sue   (Retired Singing Coach – WA)       

“Thank you very much for keeping me out of the ‘red’ and for your patience in helping me try to understand it all.”

Karen   (Book Seller – WA)      

“Thank you for your work on my tax, and Garth’s estate planning advice. I really appreciate your thoroughness and great expertise and care.”

Siew and John   (Retired Doctor / Retired Surgeon – WA)      

“Thank you for being our financial adviser over these years and all you taught us.”

Don and Ronnie   (Retired Maintenance Worker – WA)      

“Many thanks to my SFR advisor for all the help with our taxation problems and also your clear way of explaining things.”

Jane*   (Bowen Therapist – WA)  

“Thank you so much for your help with Robbie’s Estate. Finding a way to reduce the debt by so much has made a great deal of difference to my ability to cope. I can’t even begin you tell you just how grateful I am.”

Elisabeth and Peter   (Retired Renowned New Zealand Architect – WA)

“Thank you for the opportunity to send a Testimonial on the service you have given to us over the past fifteen years since we first met in Perth. On that occasion the changes to the Superannuation Fund Regulations were explained to us and we learnt that we had the necessary qualifications to become involved. Since that time, we have certainly appreciated your personal professional advice in the development of our own Fund. The members of your firm have always been very helpful to us when we needed to make enquiries or obtain relevant information.”

Graham   (Retired Professor – WA)   

“I have been a client of SFR Advisory since 2006 when they set up my Self Managed Super Fund.  This was accomplished efficiently and advantageously and has provided me with a flexible tax-effective investment retirement vehicle. The SFR Advisory have provided me with ongoing administrative support and financial advice as necessary in an exemplary professional manner.”

Linden and Prue   (Retired Financial Advisor – NSW)

“We have been with SFR Advisory for about 15 years now. As a retired Risk and Financial Advisor, I have always been rather pedantic and particular about our investment portfolio. We have always found the staff at SFR Advisory to be helpful, prompt and diligent, providing a high standard of service.  The enviable standards of ethics, honesty and openness that have become the culture at SFR Advisory are directly attributable to Garth Lovelace and other senior staff who have so assisted us over the years. Even though we reside in NSW, we have not felt the need to deal with an East Coast organisation (and we have investigated many). By paying a Flat Fixed Annual Fee, both we, as well as our Advisor, are freed up to be able to pursue the common goal of Capital Preservation and Good Yields through a diversified and constantly updated portfolio, without incurring any extra cost every time we reweight our portfolio or seek advice. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending SFR Advisors to any potential investor.”

Anthony   (Retired Public Servant – WA)   

“Have a Good Day”, in fact have lots of them “ALL THROUGH RETIREMENT”! In my experience, it is a rare occasion that you find on taking that (mythical) step we call “Retirement”, that we are ready and organized. I wasn’t.

Yes, I knew I had to plan for this and I wanted to be responsible and there were so many questions. Best plans of mice and men, out of the blue, to take advantage of an unexpected situation I had to do it NOW! I was only 58 and still new to the Country, minimal savings, mortgage, kids at college…you know what I mean.

I went on a six month’s survey, I went to every seminar, researched all that was on offer. It seemed to be, no matter what, you handed over whatever you had and lost all control! SELF-MANAGEMENT, what’s that? You should find out, it’s not going to cost you anything and SFR Planners have all the answers.

I’m in my eighties now and have been with them for seventeen years. Garth and his team won’t let you down and it still remains your show.”

Eric and Betty   

“Prior to retirement in 1995 we sought Financial Investment advice from SFR Advisors. We put that advice into effect and now SFR Advisory continue to advise us on current trends in the investment market place. The original strategy and subsequent contact with SFR Advisory has provided us with a healthy annual income while maintaining a stable capital base. We sincerely appreciate the long standing association and professional financial advice that we have benefitted from over many years and confidently recommend SFR Advisory’s services.”


“My friend recommended me to SFR Advisory in 2006 and I have remained with them ever since.  My main contact is with Garth and Dean who have looked after my Super Fund with complete satisfaction. The accounts office has looked after my tax returns so no problems with the Australian tax office. I have no difficulty in accessing either Garth or Dean for information or advice.”

Frank and Peggy   (Retired Oil and Gas Executive – WA)   

Version 1:


Having just returned from our Antarctic expedition we thought you would value our input before we take off for our Shanghai and Yangtze River Cruise in April. Prior to which we intend to check out the Margaret River 2014 vintage. Please feel free to use as you see fit.

After due consideration we feel we cannot conscientiously recommend this business as a creditable retirement investment service as we have endured the following life shattering financial misfortunes over the past 20 years of our association (since 1994):

1. Numerous negative return over the past 20 years:

1995: -4.3%

2003: -4.6%

2009: -12.6%

2012: -3.3%

Leaving us a very lean average nett return of 7.5% over that period on a balanced investment.

2. This miserable financial return has only enabled us over 20 years to spend approximately $480,000 on our infrequent and humble travel needs.

3. As we now have only $465,000 of our original $515,000 investment, it can be seen that SFR Planners have little credibility as a reliable investment agency.

4. Why then do we continue to utilize SFR Planners services? Because we have some empathy for those unfortunates lacking basic financial skills.”

(Note from Garth to all advisors: each SFR advisor is allowed only one Smith client with a sick sense of humour)

Version 2:

“We have been clients of SFR Advisory Group since their inception about 20 years ago, when we established a self managed superannuation fund to accommodate our retirement. Their personalised advice over this period on investment strategies, taxation minimisation and social security has provided us with a comfortable life style with few sleepless nights.

Their timely advice prior to two major economic downturns during our association has allowed us to achieve returns better than the prevailing industry results over those periods. Clients detailed portfolio status is updated daily and can be viewed on line, as can the weekly industry report, along with investment holding recommendations. Strategy alerts are advised when necessary by phone text and can be viewed in detail on line and there is always an adviser available to talk to when the need arises.

Although we do monitor other agency performance, this Company’s fees and charges are at the low end of industry costs and we are well satisfied with the personalised and diligent service provided .”

Di   (Retired Secretary – WA)

“To my SFR Advisor. Just a note to say “Thank You” very much for your time last week. I value your advice. It is comforting to have you as my financial adviser. Mike says thanks too.”


“Thank you so very much for all your help in answering complicated financial questions for nursing homes – so much appreciated.”


“Well informed in investing, keeps on top of the market, user friendly, does everything, a solid and reliable one stop shop for you money.”

Peter and Jo   (Retired Oil & Gas Executive – WA)

“Moving to SFR Advisory before retirement was a very important step for me and my wife to take. We were placing our trust in a new organisation and in a new way of managing our accumulated assets. That was several years ago and now we are retired and very pleased that we made the change to a self managed superannuation fund using the administrative and investment advisory services of SFR Advisory.

We have always been pleased with the sincerity and dedication that our SFR Advisor has provided. When we were working overseas as volunteers for two years we felt confident that our SFR Advisor was looking after our affairs in our absence.

SFR Advisory itself has continued to develop as an organisation. We are very pleased with the integrated ‘one stop shop’ service that is now offered. It means that our fund administration, tax, estate planning and investment advice is all under one roof which is far better than dealing with separate service providers.

Finally we are happy with the fee structure because we know exactly how much the service is costing us and there are no hidden commissions.

We both highly recommend SFR Advisory.”


“SFR Advisory Group have acted as my financial advisor during all the time of my retirement (about 24 years). Garth was recommended to us as an honest and intelligent man with wide knowledge of finance and during our time with him we have found all these attributes to be true. SFR Advisory Group have given us sound advice on our retirement funds, dealt with the requirements of the Taxation Office, Centrelink, etc. and kept excellent records as required by law. This has enabled my wife and I to enjoy our retirement without having to deal with the ongoing paperwork, accountancy records and any other matters relating to my Superannuation fund which we would probably now find difficult to keep up with. We are presently over the age of 80 and have also received advice on end of life matters, which has been greatly appreciated.

Any contact with SFR Advisory has been dealt with promptly and courteously by all staff, from reception to our advisors Garth and Dean. We hope to continue our excellent relationship with them.”

Don and Hillary 

“Hilary and I have been with Garth and SFR Advisory since the early days in St. Georges Terrace and can say that Garth and his team have always provided a highly professional and friendly service.

As clients, we have immediate access to the vital advice and information we need to plan and enjoy retirement without financial concerns.

These days, if clients are not happy with a service, they vote with their feet. Our feet are firmly planted!.”

Dianne and Mike 

“I value my SFR Advisor’s advice and is comforting to have you as my financial adviser.”


“I have been dealing with SFRP for well over 20 years and have always found them to be of great assistance to me. When my husband died some years ago Garth and his staff were there to deal with any problems I had regarding my finances. Prior to my husband’s death Garth arranged to come to our home and go through paperwork that needed new signatures etc. – so consequently I had less to worry about later.

Since my husband was an accountant I left most of that work to him, but since then both Garth and Dean have been most patient with me and taken time to explain how to sort my finances. Occasionally I phone with a query and they will always help me.

I have complete trust in Garth and his company and will continue to deal with them as long as I can.”

Mark   (First Home Buyer – WA)       

“Jason was extremely friendly and helpful through every step of the process. If i ever had any questions, Jason was quick to respond and his friendly manner meant I would not hesitate to use him again.” (SFR Solutions)

John and Jan   (Retired Doctor – WA)       

“Garth Lovelace, who is our adviser at SFR Advisory, has been advising us on our super fund since 2001. This he has done so effectively that, although we have regularly been drawing pensions for 13 years and regardless of the GFC, the balance of our portfolio is currently some 55% greater than at its inception. In addition to his financial acumen, we have also been grateful beneficiaries of much wise counsel regarding lifestyle and family issues, where he is able to draw on the experiences of his many other clients to provide advice grounded in reality.

SFR Advisory is a top-class organisation able on your behalf to deal expertly with all the administrative burdens of a Self Managed Super Fund. Without it, our lives now would be very different.”

John and Christine   (Retired Quarantine Officer / Retired Clerk – WA)       

“We have known our SFR Advisor since the early 1990’s. He is very knowledgeable and we have always received excellent service from him. He always has time for us. If we contact him and he is out of the office he always responds very quickly. He is very patient and is very good at explaining things in a way that we can understand.”

Graeme   (Retired – WA)       

“My wife and I retired in 1997 and had two very unsatisfactory experiences with financial advisers before we were recommended to SFR Planners. Those first two people made much more money from our super fund than we did and we were nervous about joining SFR Planners. However, our experience has been totally different and we are extremely satisfied with the way they have helped us to manage our money over the past seven years. Not only are they good advisers, they are also great people and it is a pleasure to talk to them. We would have no hesitation at all in recommending SFR Planners to anyone who wants a great financial planner.”

David   (Medical Scientist – WA)       

“A huge thank you to Garth, Dean and the rest of the team at SFR Planners for your sound and professional advice. The range of services covered and the can do nature of the entire SFR planners team make it far easier to negotiate areas that most people find challenging. I would have no hesitation in recommending SFR Planners to others.”

Gwenda and Ray   (Retired – WA)       

“It is our pleasure to place on record our satisfaction and appreciation of the advice and assistance provided by Garth and Dean and the behind the scenes team in the regular advice received in the maintenance of our Self Managed Superannuation Fund. The prompt and efficient manner in which the team carry out our requirements is greatly appreciated. We find the weekly online general reports on the recommendations to hold, sell or buy investment commodities to be very useful. Thanks also for your advice on the formulation of our wills, living wills, benefit nomination forms and enduring powers of attorney.”

Ruth and Frank   (Retired – WA)       

“We had been with our financial advisers for twenty years. In 2000 we started a Self Managed Superannuation Fund and when in 2004 they amalgamated with retirement planning specialist Garth Lovelace, we continued with their services.

SFR Advisory provides a comprehensive and efficient range of services. The staff are friendly, helpful, and capable. Online data access is simple to manage and telephone communication with personnel is available whenever required. There is easy access to the office either by private vehicle or public transport, and parking is available nearby.”

Michael and Glenys   (Retired – WA)

“My wife and I have been with SFR Advisory since it started and are very happy with them – they have always looked after us and are extremely helpful and friendly. We are better off than we have ever been and have always had peace of mind in our long association with Garth and the company. We would recommend them to anyone as we have in the past.”

Nick   (First Home Buyer – WA)

“This was the first loan for me and as a foreigner I didn’t know how the system works in Australia – very good advice from Jason and explanation about various aspect in getting a loan.” (SFR Solutions)

Charles and Pat (Retired – WA)

“We have been associated with SFR Advisory for 12 years. We went to SFR Advisory after discussing retirement with two sets of friends both of which highly recommended them one in particular (who was an accountant) said “If I had not gone to SFR Advisory Group I wouldn’t have what I have now”. We agree totally with that comment. Over the years SFR Advisory’s friendly staff have attended to our financial planning with diligence and integrity at all times.”

Heather and Patrick (Retired Teacher – WA)

“Since changing to SFR Advisory 7 or 8 years ago we feel secure in the fact that our Superannuation and other assets are being managed in an ethical and professional manner. We have great confidence in Garth and his team who have assisted us by managing our affairs with positive outcomes.

We are very happy with the professional, friendly service and advice we receive from Dean Sampson. Dean always responds to our needs in a prompt and helpful manner. If Dean is not available when we phone SFR Advisory, he always makes a point of returning our calls as soon as possible giving us peace of mind.

The best decision we made was to use the services of SFR Advisory.”

Sarita   (Project Systems Co-Ordinator – WA)

“It was a pleasure dealing with Dean Sampson for the sale of our property. He was very informative, courteous and professional throughout the process and was always available to provide help and advice on related matters. We will definitely use his services for the sale of our next property!”

Mary   (Retired – WA)

“Thank you Dean for being my financial advisor. You were most patient and helpful; and you made things easy for me to comprehend. I appreciate every bit of help that you’ve given me.”

Paul*   (Technical Sales Specialist – WA)

“Thank you Dean & Garth for your assistance with the sale of my property. The transition went smoothly, and I really appreciate your efforts in achieving such an excellent sale price, and such minimal disruption with viewings. This experience has been awesome, and I’ve recommended you to friends who are selling.”

Lily   (Self Employed – WA)

“SFR Advisory has been great about handling our personal taxes. They have always acted professional, courteous and respectful in every manner. When we decided not to continue our property management with SFR Property Professionals, the staff there were still very polite and helpful unlike other companies whereby they would just disregard us and treat us with disrespect. Gaby has also been helpful when explaining all the taxation rulings and made everything easier for us. We would highly recommend SFR Advisory for others.” (Self Funded Tax Advisers)

Peter and Maree   (Volunteer Workers – WA)

“We have been clients of SFR Advisory Group since 2002, under the very good care of our SFR advisor. During this time we have experienced both good & bad times with the economy which has had a significant influence on the stock market & our portfolio. Our SFR advisor’s advice & guidance during the last 12 years which covered the GFC was invaluable. We have always found his recommendations for the purchase & sale of various investments to be both careful & fruitful. He has kept our portfolio healthy & is always available to speak with.

We also had occasion to deal with their real estate arm (SFR Property Professionals) when arranging the sale of our mother’s home. This was also handled in the same efficient & ethical manner.

I have no hesitation in recommending SFR Advisory as a solid & careful organisation who we have found to be very ethical & trustworthy. We have no trouble sleeping at night knowing our funds are in safe hands.”

Clayton   (Business Analyst – WA)

“Gaby has been my accountant for the past 4 years and has done a fantastic job in managing my accounts. She has always been there first hand to advise on any of my queries or issues that I may have. As I just got married at the end of 2013, I will be using Gaby to manage my wife’s accounts as well. I will not hesitate to recommend Gaby for her excellent services and advise.” (Self Funded Tax Advisers)

Ben   (Chartered Accountant – WA)

“Jason, many thanks for your assistance with our loan. You were a pleasure to deal with and went above and beyond what is expected to not only secure the best rate for us, but to also enable settlement of the funds in such a short time frame.” (SFR Mortgage Services)

Nicholas   (Property Investor – Kuala Lumpur)

“SFR Property Professionals have been managing my Perth apartment since 2012. Our experience with them has been positive. The team is very professional and efficient and any enquiries and problems have been promptly answered and addressed by their representatives. SFR Property Professionals have also kept me updated and informed about the current trends in the property market in Perth. I am pleased with their services and highly recommend them.”

Peter & Trish   (Real Estate Agent – WA)

“We have been clients of SFR Advisory since 2009 and our only regret with this association is that it didn’t begin a lot earlier.

Our SFR advisor was instrumental in straightening out the disastrous mess caused by our previous advisors. His work was tireless, meticulous and methodical in his endeavour to realign our portfolio. In the ensuing years his results speak for themselves, above average service and results.

We have no hesitation in recommending our SFR advisor to anyone who is fortunate enough to have him pass their way.”

Jeremy and Matt   (Small business owner & HR Manager – WA)

“Our mortgage broker experience was easy from day one. Daniel was friendly, explained things to us clearly and regularly kept in touch with us to ensure we were across what was happening next. Without Daniels expertise, we would have been lost! Daniel was also able to offer assistance with the set-up of new banking accounts and went out of his way to either deliver or collect documents from us. We’d be very happy to deal with him again.” (SFR Mortgage Services)

Katie   (HR Manager – WA)

“Daniel worked around the clock to make sure I had the information I needed, when I needed it. He made himself available in the evenings and on the weekend to come to my place and/or answer the phone and explained things in a way I could understand. The experience of buying my first place was very daunting and I was forever fearful of hidden costs but he let me know everything to watch out for and was very honest with me about borrowing capacity. He ensured I was kept informed and happy with his services. He facilitated every avenue to assist me in achieving the right kind of loan to suit my needs. He is efficient, confident in his knowledge and very easy to communicate with and has a work ethic which I admire and wish more people could be as professional as he is. Thank you for all your hard work, I am so happy in my new home.” (SFR Mortgage Services)

Diego   (Engineer – WA)

“The process of buying our first home was very smooth thanks to the friendly and professional attitude of our broker. Daniel was keen to explain in simple terms all the jargon associated with our finance options. In addition to this, he was available on weekends and flexible with our appointments which was very convenient due to my FIFO roster. Will definitely go back for our next purchase.” (SFR Mortgage Services)

Sergey   (Engineer – WA)

“My experience of dealing with Daniel Eigenmann was outstanding. My initial plan of borrowing sounded too unrealistic to me so I was quite skeptical of it when telling Daniel about it. However, everything was realised nicely meeting my tough deadlines. Daniel demonstrated enormous pro-activity and put me in contact with right people timely helping me at every stage of purchasing my properties and beyond. I am confident I could not achieve such fantastic result without Daniel.” (SFR Mortgage Services)

Rebecca   (Settlement agent – WA)

“Daniel, thank you for all your efforts with enabling finance to be ready in time for settlement for our mutual client yesterday. Without your help and persistence, we certainly wouldn?t have met the time constraints for settlement. Due to your hard work and follow up, settlement occurred yesterday with no hiccups. We have one very happy mutual client.” (SFR Mortgage Services)

Lorraine   (Debt consolidation – WA)

“Daniel, I just want to say thank you for helping me to consolidate all my debts and doing all the ground work for me. It was such a great feeling to pay off my Credit card and GE loan. I am now able to start saving for a rainy day which I have not been able to do since I purchased my home. I feel like a weight has been lifted. I would gladly recommend you to my friends and family. This has been the best choice for me.” (SFR Mortgage Services)

Robina   (Retired – WA)

“Since my husband died I have felt very comfortable with Garth and Dean as my financial advisors and their help in assisting and guiding me to manage my super funds has been invaluable. I have been particularly touched by Garth’s interest in my whole family and grateful for all advice given. I would not hesitate to recommend SFR advisors to any investor.” (SFR Mortgage Services)

Ken and Glenys (Retired Public Servant/School Teacher – WA)

“Ken first joined Terrace Counsellors in 1995 and utilised their financial counselling services from retirement that year until the sale of the Terrace Counsellors business. As he was not interested in the type of service intending to be offered by the new owners, he accepted an offer to transfer his Superannuation funds to a new financial counselling business being commenced by Garth, Self Funded Retirement Planners. Garth has been his adviser ever since. Glenys transferred her Superannuation Fund after two years with another business, to Self Funded Retirement Planners in 2004, and Garth has been her adviser ever since. Our purpose for our respective Superannuation Funds has been to provide us with a regular retirement income, whilst preserving as much as possible of the capital for the balance of our lives. Our choice has been to always make our own decisions when investing, under advice from Garth. Whilst over periods of 19 years and 12 years respectively not every investment decision can expect to provide a positive return, the positives have far exceeded any negatives to the extent that quite healthy balances are still maintained in both funds. We continue to have faith in the professionalism of Self Funded Retirement Planners, and the advice we receive from Garth.”

 * A different name has been used in order to protect the identity of this client.