The Best Self Managed Super Funds in Perth

Regardless of what line of work you are in, you have to prepare for the inevitable future of being retired. While that may seem like many years away, it will eventually become a more pressing matter. You may decide that you are the best person to handle your own finances, and SFR Advisory Group can certainly help you with that.

There are different types of superannuation funds, each with their own distinct features and advantages. SFR Advisory Group offer services for the following categories of superannuation.


These are accumulation funds open to anyone and are usually run by financial institutions and their financial planning networks. They give you access to a wide range of investments including wholesale managed funds and ASX listed shares.

Within retail superannuation, there are two popular super fund options, these being Master Trusts and Wraps. In a Master Trust, a trustee operates within the fund and holds client investments on their behalf. In Wraps, the investments are held under the client’s own name and all transactions are made through a cash account, providing full member transparency.

The advantages of retail super funds include:

  • Anyone can join
  • Large number of investment options to suit your preferences
  • They are accumulation funds that can be converted to pension funds
  • They are new breed low cost funds that mimic Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) for smaller balances

 Industry Funds

Industry funds offer tailored services to members of a specific industry, although the larger industry super funds are open for anyone. They suggest that they are not-for-profit funds, which mean all profits are returned to members rather than to shareholders (recently this has not meant that they are always cheaper).

The advantages of having an industry super fund include:

  • Generally low costs, although some have high fees
  • All profits are put back into the fund for the benefit of members
  • Advice on Self Managed Super Funds for Perth Customers

In-house experts readily on hand

The SFR Advisory Group provides clients with in house expertise in relation to the establishment and management of your superannuation. With a small but dedicated team of SMSF accountants and strategists, we provide tailored advice for individuals in a variety of circumstances. Whether you are single, coupled up, with a large family, employed, or running your own business, we can provide you with spot-on assistance with your SMSF. Perth clients choose us when they want professionalism and specialised services.

SFR Self Managed Super Fund Key Benefits:

  • Flat fee structure
  • No Platform or wrap Fee
  • Access to Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) accountants
  • In-house administration and management
  • All types of super pensions and strategies are covered
  • High compliance regime
  • Access to direct investments
  • Over 20 years experience in SMSF advice, management and administration
  • Advanced Estate Planning strategies
  • Advanced portfolio construction technical support
  • Online portfolio access/reporting
  • Access to discount stockbroking
  • Access to property management support
  • Compliance service option
  • Audit included in fee
  • Unlimited telephone support



If you feel you have the confidence to handle a SMSF, then please contact us at either 08 9220 5200 or and our SMSF accountants in Perth can advise you on how to start.