Financial Planning

Company Overview

SFR Planners is the financial planning arm of the SFR Advisory Group.

SFR Planners delivers high level, comprehensive, financial advice above and beyond the scope of basic financial planning. SFR Planners is a licensed AFSL tax adviser and registered superannuation tax adviser.

SFR Planners is not owned or controlled by a large institution or product provider. Instead, it relies on it’s own in-house investment committee to conduct rigorous, in depth research to formulate recommendations that address the needs of each client’s unique situation.

SFR Planners’ big picture goal is to help people to be financially independent. We can add value whether you have already reached your maximum financial position and would like to secure it in retirement or you are on the journey of converting your human capital (ability to save and earn) into financial capital.

SFR Planners Key Financial Planning Benefits:

  • – No soft dollars or incentives accepted
  • – No institutional ownership
  • – In-house investment committee
  • – Direct assets ability: cash, fixed interest, property & shares
  • – Insurance advice
  • – Sophisticated in-house technology
  • – Australia-wide
  • – Estate planning
  • – Access to in-house Taxation, Property, Mortgage and Self Managed Super Services
  • – Advanced portfolio construction support
  • – Active portfolio management including fundamental and technical analysis
  • – Advanced investment strategy options
  • – Registered tax agents in Financial Planning, Tax Advice and Superannuation

Self Funded Retirement Planners Pty Ltd (AFSL #229456)(ABN 69 093 267 531) T/A SFR Planners
AFSL Tax Advisers and Superannuation Advisers (Registered Tax Agent Number 24703433)