Financial Planning

Company Overview

SFR Planners is the financial planning arm of the SFR Advisory Group.

SFR Planners delivers high level, comprehensive, financial advice above and beyond the scope of basic financial planning. SFR Planners is a licensed AFSL tax adviser and registered superannuation tax adviser.

SFR Planners relies on it’s own in-house investment committee to conduct rigorous, in depth research to formulate recommendations that address the needs of each client’s unique situation.

After more than 30 years of providing financial advice, I can say with some knowledge, there is absolutely no correlation between how much money you have and your overall happiness or even comfort. We can help you regardless of your current financial position and help you appreciate whatever you have is enough and strangely enough (once realised) more seems to come regardless!

SFR’s big picture goal is to help people to be financially independent regardless of your current financial position. That’s why retirement planning really is so irrelevant because if you do the right things now and I mean NOW, such things as retirement is a natural event that you will be well prepared for or any event including those unexpected challenges that seem to lurk on all our doorsteps endlessly!

SFR Planners Key Financial Planning Benefits:

  • – In-house investment committee
  • – Direct assets ability: cash, fixed interest, property & shares
  • – Insurance advice
  • – Sophisticated in-house technology
  • – Australia-wide
  • – Estate planning
  • – Access to in-house Taxation, Property, Mortgage and Self Managed Super Services
  • – Advanced portfolio construction support
  • – Active portfolio management including fundamental and technical analysis
  • – Advanced investment strategy options
  • – Registered tax agents in Financial Planning, Tax Advice and Superannuation

Self Funded Retirement Planners Pty Ltd (AFSL #229456)(ABN 69 093 267 531) T/A SFR Planners
AFSL Tax Advisers and Superannuation Advisers (Registered Tax Agent Number 24703433)